Viking Trail

10 miles of Suffolk’s finest single track

The origins of the Viking Trail are a legacy of the motorcycle enduro events held in the forest over past decades. These trails have been extended and enhanced by the Tunstall and Rendlesham Off-road Group (TROG). There is an on-going programme of maintenance which includes hidden drainage and the building of technical features for more advanced riders, the aim being to retain what is the ‘essence of Tunstall’, with a natural feel to the trails and minimum use of imported material.

In partnership with the Forestry Commission, TROG have developed, maintained and fully way marked 10 miles of Suffolk’s finest singletrack winding through Tunstall Forest.

This 10 mile loop that has now become the Viking Trail is the culmination of years careful development making use of old motorcycle enduro race tracks in some places and completely new trails built entirely by hand.

No heavy machinery is used in the forest for either trail maintenance or development. TROG is committed to ensuring all work done in the forest is to the satisfaction of the Forestry Commission and always with the ethos of low environmental impact and to retain a naturalistic ‘wild’ feel of the forest.

Waymarking the Viking Trail was achieved through funding from Suffolk Coasts and Heaths AONB, EDF Energy and a lot of time, sweat and effort from the members of TROG to make it happen.

The waymarking has fulfilled part of the TROG commitment set out in the club charter to enable and promote better mountain biking opportunities for the community in Suffolk. It has also secured the trail for the future giving further status and protection as a recreational asset to the region.


The trail is completely natural without reinforcement and therefore can be easily damaged. It is not an all-weather venue!

During periods of prolonged wet weather or over winter, the trail can hold water in places and become quite boggy. This in turn can lead to riders avoiding wet patches by riding around and this causes the singletrack to widen and the surrounding soil structure to erode.

How can you help to protect the trail?

  • Don’t ride the Viking Trail during prolonged wet weather spells!

Find other routes, go exploring.  Alternatively, head to Rendlesham for an explore.

Is the Viking Trail right for me?

The Viking Trail is RED graded which is the second highest level in MTB trail grading.

It’s not really suitable for people with very little cycling experience. Although there are sections that are easily ridden by anyone (including children), there are some moderately steep descents and climbs, narrow tracks with close proximity to trees, loose surfaces, roots and tree stumps.

To complete the full 10-mile loop does require some level of fitness and there is no support or facilities available at Tunstall Forest.

If you ride the Viking Trail:

  • Ride through the centre of puddles and muddy patches. Keep the trail singletrack!
  • Avoid heavy braking! You should do this at all times of the year, however it is especially important during wet periods.
  • Don’t cut corners to keep up speed. The twisty bits are what make it fun.

Things to remember…

  • There are no facilities. Make sure you have enough food and water.
  • Whatever you carry into the forest, make sure you carry it out.
  • Mountain biking can be dangerous. Please wear a helmet.
  • Don’t ride alone and make sure you have a charged phone.
  • Let someone know where your going and what time you expect to be back
  • Carry an I.C.E. card ( ICase of Emergency )
  • Have fun!

Printable Emergency Map

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