Trailbuilding Report – ZONE 3 clearance October 2018

Trailbuilding Report – ZONE 3 clearance October 2018

We were given the go-ahead from the FC to start clearing the VT in the closed zone in preparation for its opening. As soon as we had completed the clearance to an acceptable standard, then the trail would be reopened with a new diversion in place for the zone 4 closure.

The trail had been covered in brash.

With thanks to everyone who braved the weather to help get the trail ready to re-open, I didn’t expect us to get so much done.

Thought it would just be rough clearance to get the trail open but we managed to dig it over as well to form some shape. The 8″ of compost we had to remove before we found some soil had absorbed any rain we’d had which just left us with dust to work with so more rain is now needed to bed it in ready for riding.

Considering the flooded roads we drove through to get there you would have thought it would have been somewhat wetter! The actual VT sections that are open were absolutely saturated and flooded though.

Unfortunately, that didn’t stop numerous riders who still rode it in that condition no doubt carving it up to create more work for us later. 🙁

We ended up doing a mixture of new trail one rack further into the forest and clearing brash to reveal the old line to link it in.

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