Welcome to the new TROG website

Welcome to the new TROG website!

Much water has passed under the wheels since TROG first formed in rainy summer of 2007…

As the club grew the website was born and it also grew with the needs of the club and to also keep up with the explosive development of the internet.

After a decade of service to the club, it was decided to give the TROG v1.0 website an honourable retirement and develop a whole new website to meet the modern needs of today’s multi-media world.

TROG website v2.0 incorporates a whole new membership management section which sees the introduction of individual member account areas, where you can create your own profile, instant message others, review your membership payment and print your membership card to gain access to the great discounts with our affiliates.

It’s not all new, new, new…

Much of the original content and faithful features remain such as the members-only forums to share information on TROG matters, Member only rides, racing and training, and discussions on trail building strategy and plans for future improvements.

The TROG website v1.0 may be gone, and the lively forum discussions (pre-Facebook) may fade, but it legacy remains.

Hoorah for the new website and hopefully another decade of friendships old and new joined by the shared passion of mountain biking.

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