Mountain Mayhem 2010

Reposted from schmiken’s post in the Race Forum

Interested in testing yourself in the biggest event in the race calendar? TROG is hoping to put together two 4 man teams (sponsored by Kenda!) to race for 24 hours nonstop. The race dates are the 18th – 20th June.

Please post below if you’re even possibly interested in racing. We are planning to put an A and B team into the race – the goals will be a top 10 position (Team A) and a top 20 position (B).

Anyone can feel free to put their name down and the final teams will be decided closer to the event.

Well it’s simply the largest 24 hour Mountain Bike race on the calendar. OK I’ll say that again “It’s simply the largest mountain bike race on the planet”. Yep it’s a cracker hold in midsummer (June 20th/21st) but don’t be fooled in its 9 year history it has traditionally rained. Last year it poured down but the race goes on. So bring on the rain this, year we are ready for you. Are you tough enough? You’ll be fine, yep because hopefully like last year you’ll have cracking support and back up.

Mayhem would not be possible without the help of some very important people working hard behind the senses to make sure the riders are at their best condition to deliver the result. I’m looking for some volunteers to fill the following posts and I know after the work put into WS4 that it’s possible.
• Team Director: Phil/Lizzie
• Head Chef – 24 hour shift
• 2x Mechanics – shared shifts
• A bike washer – for when it rains
• 2x runners
• A photo geek
• A human punch bag

If you want to experience working behind the scenes and helping the teams to get a result please PM Phil, Scotty or Leanlanky. Be a part of it.

Various venues that were used as selection are Alton Waters, Tunstall, Rendlesham, road trips to the Peaks, Thetford, a weekend in Wales. So if interested please PM me or give me a call and I’ll add you to my selection list. If unsure still put you name down as anything is possible and please remember I’ll be watching so if your name isn’t on my list and I think you’ve got what is needed or you are a good team player I’m sorry but I will add your name to the list. The event is open to everyone and I mean everyone; even last year’s heroes.

The cutoff date for your entry is Mud Sweat and Gears 1 – just 6 weeks away. (So plenty of time to get some miles in!)

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