Club History

TROG was formed in the rainy summer of 2007.

The recreation ranger at the Sandlings Forestry Commission Office, Nigel Turner, having worked previously at Thetford, realised the potential for mountain biking in the forests. So he started work at attracting support from local riders. At that time the obvious place to start was with the Sudbourne Jump site. He rapidly got these folk on side and then spread his net a little further. On June 13th 2007 Nigel sponsored a meeting at Butley Village Hall where nearly 50 local cyclists attended.

This led to a group of local (and not so local) cyclists getting together with the common aim of improving the facilities and opportunities for mountain biking in their area. They used other trail building groups, such as Singletraction from Yorkshire and TIMBER at Thetford as a model for their group and pretty soon TROG was formed. The rest as they say is History, some made and a lot of it still in the making!!

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