Trail Update for June 24.

I’ve not done a trail-work update for a few weeks, mostly because it’s been much of the same. We did another session today on V4 Second Parallel clearing the low point drains and the worst of the vegetation (that section wasn’t too bad to be fair). We did finish a bit earlier than usual as it was getting too hot to work. Last week instead of the trail work some of us attended a Forestry England Volunteer Leaders course which when all the modules have been completed will enable us to self-supervise proper trail repair/improvement work without the need for the FE ranger to be present. We did the Manual Handling module a few weeks ago. The training is the same as that given to the FE employees who supervise registered volunteers. We have a forestry specific first-aid course planned for October which means we should be able to work independently this autumn/winter which will tie-in with the increased ground moisture levels needed for doing the work needed………..Contrary to some of the comments in another thread, the VT is very much rideable but a bit more care is needed in the locations where the vegetation is more dense which TBH isn’t many. Forestry England have started the strimming of the trail so take care if you are riding during working hours as they could be on the trail working.

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