Please be careful when approaching horses.

Morning fellow TROGS, I’m writing this as I’ve recently been emailed about an incident at Tunstall on one of the fire roads involving a couple of horses & a cyclist.
Dear Steve
I am writing to inform you, as Chairman of TROG, of an incident that occurred last Friday involving a cyclist who was using the TROG trail. As you know, parts of the trail overlap the forest tracks used by others. I was out riding my horse early on Friday morning at a walk last week, with a friend, when a cyclist (wearing a red top) came off the cycle route and up behind us very fast, without any warning, on Track 28, and startled our horses, who are normally quiet and placid, so severely that they took off suddenly and unexpectedly at great speed and I went flying off the back, landing very heavily on the ground. Luckily, apart from some whiplash and bruises, I wasn’t badly hurt but it was a very unpleasant experience and was caused by the cyclist who took us completely by surprise. Usually we have found cyclists to be courteous towards us as horse riders but sadly it wasn’t the case on that day. The person briefly glanced to check I was still alive then rejoined the cycle path without stopping. Although not a public highway, the normal expectation is to stop at the scene of an accident.
I would be extremely grateful if could you remind your users to be considerate of others in the forest, particularly of horses who can be unpredictable, and if possible to warn horse riders when they are approaching.
Many thanks in advance.
I hopefully shouldn’t have to remind anyone that the forest is open access & courtesy should be extended to all users,
I find it deeply troubling that someone should cause this sort of incident which could’ve caused serious injury & not even stop to check everyone was ok.
I’m fully aware that this could’ve involved a moron on an e-motorbike (which are banned from forestry land) but to be honest they usually go around in groups.
Let’s hope that the person involved in this incident is a one off & rides with a bit of forethought in future.
Happy riding peeps & hope your all enjoying the trail that our trail pixies have been working hard on 👍
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