Old website passwords

2018 TROG members.
Your old user name and password won’t work on the new website.
We deliberately didn’t move any member logins forward for a couple of reasons.
Firstly to cover us for data protection/GDPR and secondly, the new membership area works best when people go through the registration process to set up their account.
Lastly we timed the roll out of the new website to coincide with the annual re-subscription in Jan. However that said, going forward the new membership annual subscription are set by date of registration and it will automatically renew every year to save you the hassle.
You have complete control over your account including the ability to change any of your details and cancel your subscription should you want in the future.
You will need to register an account on the new website and pay your subscription, but you can of course re-use your previous user name and password if you so wish.
Contact Website@trogmtb.com if you have any problems registering. (Quick note: If your registration confirmation e-mail doesn’t appear – check your spam folder!)
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