New Website

Welcome to the new look TROG website!

New features in this site include;

  • Revamped Appearance
  • News section
  • RSS Feed for News Updates
  • Ability to share/publish News stories to Facebook/Twitter/etc
  • Forum integrated with main site

The main items currently missing from the new site are the Links page and the Shop, both of these will be added in due course.

The main new feature to look out for in the coming weeks will be an Events page where we can add write-ups (including photos) of our TROGs On Tour trips and the various events we’ve hosted and attended.

In the future it should be possible for me to make it so that your forum login also logs you into the main site, revealing hidden Members Only features and allowing members to write their own articles and comment on existing stories!

Until everything is moved over I’ve made the old site available at the following address;

Meanwhile if there’s anything you would like adding to the News section, or if you spot anything that doesn’t appear to be working correctly please let me know.


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