March 2014 Trailbuild review

Thanks to everyone who came on Sunday morning . The best turnout for ages

Good progress made with the 39 Steps berm repaired and re-profiled for a better exit line. The big wet hole after BH2 has been bypassed. We wiggled a spade in the “failed” French Drain and the water gurgled and glugged away into the stones. The top couple of inches had become clogged with a sandy clay layer. We dug out all the stone and went a bit deeper then re filled it again. The bypass has been profiled to slope towards this drain, hopefully keeping the riding line clear. I think we may have to do a bit more work on the new line some time when it’s more established. We didn’t bother with installing the membrane as it would only have worked if it was on the surface. I know of a few more French Drains that were covered, and in some cases Wacker-plated over that have the same problem and as such, should be a “quick fix”. I thought this might happen when it was done . Future drains will have to have the stone left exposed.

Second French Drain installed just down from this point.

An area near V9B was also worked, with another couple of drains dug and backfilled with drainage stone.

At the bottom of the slalom section, more work was done to fill low spots and re-shape the bends.

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