January Trailbuild review

We managed to get a fair bit done this morning despite the low turn-out of workers , so we scaled down what we wanted to do to match. Removed “Gav’s root” that had been pulled up into the trail by a recent leaner. Moved the way-marking post from where some plonker had dug it in to somewhere out of the way of the new corner line, then created a new bigger radius corner. Up-trail work was limited to removing tree stumps and putting in a gentle sweep with a drainage slope.

All bedded in with the Wacker Plate which wasn’t running very well. When I got it home to have a look, I noticed that a return spring on the butterfly had come un-hooked. The air filter looked dirty as well so I will get a new one and a new spark plug. We thought it might have been stale petrol but perhaps it wasn’t . Normally they are difficult to start when this is the case.

Finished off by cutting and removing another new fallen tree (fallen since Thursday )from the section that runs parallel to FR24.
Welcome to Paul for his first TB session, I hope we didn’t work you too hard. We certainly need more member participation if we are going to be able to maintain the trails that so many people like to ride . Hope you had a good ride afterwards if you had enough energy left, and thanks to the others for their hard work .

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