February 2014 Trailbuild planning

I had a recce in the BH this morning and marked out the work area roughly. From the photos it looks like it needs more sweep in the bend to steer you away from the tree more, rather than cutting the line as I thought.

I hadn’t realised how bad it was down there as I normally don’t go in there when it’s wet . I think we may need 2 trailer loads. The good news is there there’s not too much to dig out at the bottom of the slope as the tyres have dug down about the right amount……………..it just needs squaring off and tidying.

I also checked the pile at Rendlesham, and there’s enough left for Sunday but not much more. I think it’s time to get a couple of loads delivered to Tunstall as we did for the drainage stone. I will find out from the FC what we are allowed to import to the forest and get it priced-up.

If we get a good enough turn-out, we could add a short spur into the work to take the other entry point in(RH side in pictures).

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